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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Figures those damn carriers always know how to ruin the experience.
Well, if you root, but still use the stock ROM as opposed to a custom one, then you should never delete them because some are actually tied into the OS. If your phone had to update and it wasn't there, you have the potential to brick your phone.
As for my little journey of obtaining 'my precious' Lumia 920, the AT&T store wasn't too crowded (mostly people buying SIII, Note II and iPhones), but the traffic was terrible. I went up to ask the sales rep if I could buy the 920 (off-contract $450), which is exactly (including taxes) what I was going to pay, only to be told it was actually $570. I asked her if it was a mistake and she looked at the tag and said it was clearly that price. So I looked it up on my phone (Galaxy S One) and AT&T had it online for $450. I showed it to her and she makes some adjustments only to tell me she can only go as low as $500. It wasn't until a long awkward pause that she tells me that this AT&T store was an independently own one, so all phones are more expensive than they would be at one that is owned by the company. So I decided to go buy one online instead.
Let me know how you like the Lumia 920!

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