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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by B View Post
New one-year deal for Ryan Giggs


So long as Giggs's signing for one more year doesn't impact any potential summer midfield signings (which it will), I have no problems as he can have a role to play in a handful of games.

It's somewhat sad to see a legend like Giggs stay on for so long, I hate seeing him be marked out of a game by somebody who you just know that an in his prime Giggs would have absolutely ripped to pieces.
That said, the way he was running the game for United in the second half versus Everton makes me think that's not gonna happen any time soon. Of course, he did have a poor start to the season and I must confess I may have voiced my discontent about that too, but I dunno... maybe it's that old saying about form and class.

Anyhoo, as you rightly pointed out this will definitely hamper us being in the market for a midfielder. Though, isn't Paul Scholes calling it quits this year?

Also, wobbly, I'm sorry if you felt offended in some way by my earlier comment.

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