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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Of course I expect fans of other clubs to view it all differently, especially when one of those clubs still adores the manager in question (and likely adore him even more right now), but they have no stake in what's happenning at the Bridge, other than benefitting from further turmoil there.

Mate I hate telling other fans what to think of their clubs,I'm only chiming in because at my club we've had similar managerial appointments to yourselves with similar reactions from fans. Obviously you know the Leeds Chelsea hatred, so you can imagine the outrage when Wise and Poyet were appointed by Ken Bates not as interim managers but on 3 year contracts!

Our current manager publicly revelled in our relegation from the Championship and impending administration

"As a proud Yorkshireman, I'll be among the first to offer Nasty Leeds my commiserations. Well, I will as soon as I can stop laughing".
I mean compare that to Rafa's quote about the flags? Footballs so fickle you can't take things like that seriously. I've seen you mention the quote about him never wanting to manage Chelsea? It's being reported today that he never even said it. Yet you'll hear Chelsea fans up and down the country offering that as a reason he should go, I've even heard some say they'd prefer to get relegated than finish 3rd under Rafa.... that kind of thinking to me is absurd. No matter who's in charge I want my club (or should I say cloob) to succeed as I'm sure you do, but to me it's appeared some (not all mind you) fans just never wanted to give the bloke a chance. Apparently at Boro there was a chant going round about how you don't like Rafa, he doesn't like you, you don't care all you care about is Chelsea. Those fans to me are class, it's more the blokes holding the Rafa out banners at his first game that frustrate me.

I'm a Tony Pulis guy

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