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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Originally Posted by NiteMare Shape View Post
The woman stepped into the exhibit hall, blades in both hands. She knew these men, afterall, she had once been their comrade. She fought side by side with them, she killed with them, all in the name of Lord Blackwind. She had believed in what they were doing, she thought that together they were ushering in a new golden age, where mankind would reap the benefits of a world without war or hunger. A world where everyone truly was free.
That all changed when she saw what Blackwind truly had in mind for this world. She got a glimpse of a world where humanity was enslaved, its only purpose to serve its master, a being thought of as a living god on Earth. She saw a world where people were slaughtered in the street for no other reason than to serve as a reminder as to who was in control. People rounded up and exterminated by the hundreds because they or somebody they knew may have spoken out against him. And that wasn’t even the worst. She knew that she would gladly die before she would allow that twisted nightmare to become a reality.

So she left his ranks. They had hunted her for months, determined to make her pay for her betrayal. They had hounded her relentlessly until she had returned to Lost Haven and enlisted the aid of one of the city’s rising heroes, a man named Icon to help her stop Blackwind and his men.

Together, they did stop Blackwind’s associates from bringing the tyrant into our world, but not before the entire metahuman population of Nautican Island was wiped out.

But that was a long time ago, and the world was a vastly different place. She refused to sit idly by and wait as Blackwind and his men scoured the globe searching for an artifact, or some mystical relic with enough power to allow the scourge to cross over into our plane of existence. So she went all over the world recruiting people with amazing abilities to help her in her fight. They too, had searched for these artifacts, some mystical, some alien, some wielding unknown powers and collected them, attempting to destroy them before Blackwind’s men were able to get their hands on them.

And that search had brought her the this museum. She needed to get to the skull before them. And she had failed. They had breached the display case when the old security guard had stumbled upon them, however, they had as of yet not removed the skull from the base on which it sat.

“Good to see that Blackwind is still holding your leash, Forsaken.”
She said as nonchalantly as she stepped closer to her three foes.

“Haze...I suspected that you might try to stop us. But you’re too late, we have the skull...and now, we have you.” Forsaken said as he held out his hand, palm up. In the air just inches from his hand, a fireball began to form. At first, it appeared as just a spark, but it quickly grew until it was the size of a basketball. And before Haze could utter another word, he hurled it directly at her head.
Just as the fireball was to reach her, Haze dematerialized, allowing the burning globe to pass right through her. With a blink of the eye, she rematerialized, launching herself at her former comrade. However, he sidestepped, and hit her in the throat with a knife-edge chop, sending her crashing to the floor.

Forsaken glared down at her, preparing another fireball, but she quickly jumped up and swept his leg out from under him, putting him on his back.

Richter rushed forward, but sent staggering backward as a jolt of electricity hit him square in the chest. However, the bolt of electricity didn't stop the massive villain for long. As soon as the shock of the blast had passed, he moved toward the diminutive young blond who had struck him.

Grinning, he clapped his hands together, sending a shockwave directly at the woman. When the shockwave hit her, she was sent flying through several display cases, sending splintered glass flying in every direction, until she finally crashes hard through the wall, finally coming to a rest buried under a layer of broken glass and plaster in the adjoining exhibit hall.

As Haze and Forsaken square off in front to the display holding the Tikal Skull, the android Helos had gotten the case open and had removed the skull from its base.

"I have the skull. It is time to go." The android said in a cold, metalic voice.

Haze turned to see the android holding the skull, and felt a sick, cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. She bounded after Helos, only to find her self stopped in midair. For several seconds she hung in the air motionless, before being turned to once again face the man known only as The Foraken, who held her in his telekinetic grip.

"Not this time." He said as he sent her crashing hard into the wall.


Some time Haze was awoken by someone forcefully shaking her. She looked up and as her eyes slowly adjusted she saw 2 women standing over her. One was Synergy, who she had been working with for the last several years, and the other was Starlight, a member of the Guardians.

"You're late." She curtly said to Starlight as she picked herself up off of the ground and got to her feet.

"I got here-" She was cut off.

"I told you the situation, and all the Guardians could send was you?"

"If you haven't noticed, The Guardians aren't exactly a cohesive unit these days. Blue Blur and Kensei are MIA, Archangel hasn't exactly been himself lately, and the kid is off doing his own thing. Right now, I'm all there is."

Hearing enough, Synergy cut in.

"Look, we can get into this later, we have bigger problems right now, they took the skull."

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