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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Eve arrives where Phoenix was taken from and does a complete scan of the area.

She shakes her head and Hawk asks, "What did you find?"

She replies, "Not much. Whoever is helping Phoenix they are very powerful and probably have Government Backing."

Hawk asks, "What makes you think that?"

Eve replies, "According to thermographic and spectral analysis all the vehicles in the area used the same type of fuel found in Government vehicles, shoe patterns show the exact same markings, and several large vehicles."

Hawk says, "That's circumstantial Eve. Besides I doubt the Government has those capabilities and can keep them off book. "

Eve replies, "Says the man working for a top secret organization within the Catholic Church."

Hawk chuckles and says, "Touche Eve well played. Bring it back in. We'll download your findings and go from there."

Eve says, "On my way."

She hops on The Serpent and heads back to The Church.

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