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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Phoenix opens his eyes and finds himself in a hospital room. Laying in the bed he shakes his head a couple of times and sees a nurse taking care of his I-V.

He asks her, "Where am I? What's going on?"

She looks at him and says...nothing. The nurse turns and walks away.

Phoenix says, "Hey! I demand to know..."

He tries to raise his arms and finds he is wearing restraints. Just then a gentleman walks in wearing a black suit and glasses and carrying a folder.

The gentleman says, "Mr. Phoenix, welcome to S.T.R.I.K.E HQ. My name is Mr. Weaver. We are an organization that sees Meta-Humans as a threat that must be dealt with."

Phoenix says nothing and Weaver continues, "We are aware of your abilities, but we are also aware of your knowledge in electronics and computers and feel we might be able to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship."

Phoenix says looking at his restraints, "You've got a funny way of showing it. I'm listening."

Weaver chuckles and says, "We are great admirers of your work and feel that your technical expertise could be useful to us."

Phoenix says, "If I agree to help you what's in it for me?"

Weaver replies, "We have the technical & medical knowledge to make your treatments..."

Phoenix looks up at that and Weaver says, "We know much about you sir. Anyway your treatments become a once a day thing but you will have to rest for an hour each day and they will be much more intense. Also we can make it so that you will be a somewhat average size human being but retain your current strength, and lastly...."

Weaver smirks and says, "Revenge."

Phoenix begins to smile as Weaver hands him a file on Eve.

Weaver says, "We have our sources within their precious society, but we dare not make a move. Taking on the Roman Catholic Church could get very messy."

After skimming the file Phoenix hands it back to Weaver and says, "All-right. I'm in however Eve is all mine. I want this file destroyed I will deal with her without any aid or assistance from you all."

Weaver nods and says, "That can be arranged."

Weaver takes off the restraints and says, "We'll get you cleaned up and something to eat after your surgery."

Phoenix says, "Surgery?"

Weaver replies, "We're ready to get started on all this and also repair your knees. Are you ready?"

Phoenix says, "More than ready."

Weaver summons the nurse who has a sizable syringe and Weaver says, "It's a sedative. Once it takes affect the next time you wake up you'll be a new man."

Phoenix nods as the nurse sedates him and he begins to fall asleep dreaming of...revenge.

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