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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Originally Posted by NiteMare Shape View Post
The sun began to set an yet another day, splashing the sky with glorious purple and red hues. Scott Morse leans back against a tree which sits on the edge of a vast field which overlooks a large mountain range which seemingly goes on forever.

He is amazed by the breathtaking view, and greatful to be sharing it with his kid sister Jenny, and the love of his life, Lisa...both of whom were once thought lost to him forever. Lisa, having died during the alien invasion, and Jenny, at the hands of one of Scott's most hated enemies.

But death had claimed Scott Morse, known to the world as the superhero Icon as well...reuniting him with two of the most important women in his life. And for the first time in years, surrounded by loved ones who had passed on before him...Scott was happy.

Although his work was not finished on Earth, he knew that there were other heroes there that could carry on his work in his place.

He took his eyes from the sunset to look over to his sister and Lisa, who's light brown hair flowed slightly from the light breeze that swept the field, and couldn't believe how lucky he was.

He was about to say something, when Jenny cut him off.

"Scotty, they're calling you."

"Huh?" He said, not understanding.

"You can't stay Scott. They're calling you back."

He attempts to question them further, however, the ground seemed to give way under his feet, and he suddenly felt the sensation of freefall. As he fell, the world around him seemed to melt away, twisting and turning in a multicolored spiral, churning all around him. The gentle breeze that he felt before was gone, replaced by a whipping torrent of powerful wind that stung his face.

Soon, the wind died down, all that remained was darkness...and the sudden feeling that he was alone.

Like a gust of wind, Blackwind appeared behind his followers as they stood before the open casket. A cold chill washed over the tomb announcing his presence as he stepped toward the casket.

"Is everything ready?" He asks as he looks into the casket, an evil smirk crossing his face.

"It is my lord."

"Ironic, isn't it?"

"What is that, Lord?"

"For years, he fought against me, doing everything he could to keep me confined in my prison, and is because of him that I am able finally return to this world and reshape it I see fit."

With that, Blackwind reached into the casket, touching the corpse and was immediately hit with an erruption of light that emminated from inside the casket. Soon, he was engulfed in a raging torrent of wind and flame which seemed to fill the entire tomb, yet burned no one. It was a sight like none other, for even the man known as Forsaken seemed shaken by what was transpiring, and truth be told might have even felt the slightest tinge of panic had his cybernetic soul allowed it.

When the wind and flame died down, they stood before Him...their dark lord made flesh. He was hunched over slightly as his senses cleared. As he felt the cold stone beneath his feet, he stood up straight, and took his first steps on this earth in millenia.

"Finally...I am free." He said, his voice rumbling in his chest.

"I told you My Lord, we would not fail you."

"Indeed you did, and will stand at my side as we bring this pitiful world into a golden age...but first, I must rest. Escaping that infernal prison has made me weak. When I am at full strength, we shall take this planet as our own...and anyone who would dare oppose us will be ground to dust beneath or heels."

As Blackwind and his followers left Icon's tomb, they they did not notice the tiniest movement coming from within the casket, the twitch of a finger, or the subtle movement of the fallen hero's chest as air once again raced into his lungs.

Icon felt the sting in his lungs as dank air from inside his tomb filled his lungs. He opened his eyes and lay in place for a moment, not recognizing his surroundings. He pulled himself up, and found himself in a living nightmare, sitting in an open casket inside of a tomb.

He pulled himself from the casket and stumbled, finding that he was not steady on his feet. He took a moment to try to gather himself before he took another step. He knew that he needed to get out of there, but decided that he wasn't steady enough to fly. So after locating the entrance to the tomb, be removed his cape and mask, and exited the tomb.
Icon took his first unsteady steps outside of the monument which had housed his tomb, and immediately found his senses assaulted. His super-human hearing picking up the most diminutive of sounds playing like jackhammers in his head. It took him several moments, but he was able to bring it to a somewhat manageable level.

As he stumbled away from his tomb, he noticed several homeless people sleeping in the park not all that far from his monument. Knowing that he needed to find something to help him look alittle less conspicuous, he made his way toward one of the sleeping men. The man was sleeping on a bench, using his dirty old trenchcoat, which at one point looked to have been tan, but was now brown with age and neglect.

Icon discretely took the coat off of the sleeping man, and put it on. Then, he made his way to the entrance of Mt Olympus Memorial Park, and began his trek home.

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