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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
Id like to see an older, established batman. Dnt care if its bale or not, as long as he is older.
I don't see this happening because, judging from the rumoured plotline (very sci-fi/action), what we've seen happen in the New 52 comics etc., I see them making Batman young again, to gear towards the younger market. We saw older Batman in TDKR, and now I can see WB wanting to dial it back again and have strong, youthful Batman again to maintain a presence in the onscreen DC Universe, to keep the brand going. Including for the other divisions ie. toys, videogames etc.

I do think he will probably be a bit older than the other team members, with leadership qualities, but he would probably be in his late 20s/early 30s. At least to be a contemporary of Superman's.

It could be interesting if he is still young to show him still figuring stuff out, not just as a crime fighter/detective, but his personality, including being part of this team.

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