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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by aNarcHy2day View Post
That does depend on the definition of old! Batman into his late 30s could be older than the other members and be a sort of veteran yet is not too old to not be able to connect with the younger market! Indeed I'm of the opinion that sort of Batman would have a better connection than a relative greenhorn of a Batman!

Remember, what he brings to the team is strategy and an experienced view on different problems the League faces. In a way, he is their prudence!
You're not wrong there. I guess it depends where they want to go with Batman.

I would actually prefer that they introduce an older Batman and then do a prequel series that takes him to that point. It would fit right in with the rest of the League members' timelines and give him an opportunity to fight his own baddies without being able to rely on the League.

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