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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Headquarters of The Agency – Lost Haven

Isaac left Flux’s quarters and walked down a hall way towards his own private room. He strove to put her drive her words from his mind with every stride. He needed a distraction. Someone to hit, a problem to solve, something to do. Anything.

Or failing that, solitude.

Entering his room and closing the door behind him, he felt it all wash away with a soothing tic-tic-tic sound which had been growing ever more on him. A warm smile crossed his face, a rarity of its kind, as he let his defences drop as much as he could allow in this building. They were raised again when his hand brushed against a foreign object resting on his bed as he sat down.

It looked like a toy gun of sorts. Made of clunky ostentatious yellow plastic, written on the gun in light purple writing when he held it up to the light to show it in better relief it said:

From Megan –
Do not tamper with inner-workings.
Keep in this world.
Hope you enjoy.

Examining it closer he saw that it wasn’t a decal, it was comprised of yellow plastic and light purple plastic, never separated and not painted. Those were its colours. With no visible join.

“She had to have made it.” He muttered to himself. He didn’t have a microscope handy but he was willing to bet it was indeed constructed down to a molecular level. He rubbed his jaw in contemplation. “Keep in this world”. Sounds both foreboding and intriguing. What could she have meant by that?

One thing’s for certain he didn’t intend to tinker with it. When a god-like entity, even in the form of a little girl, gives an instruction like “Oh, and don’t eat that fruit” or “Mind you don’t open that box, Pandora” it’s generally a good idea to leave well enough alone and play by those rules. Besides, he probably wouldn’t know how it works even if he did crack it open and something about the “Keep in this world” suggested to him that it was one of those situations where letting others know about it would probably be a bad idea. “Hope you enjoy” suggests it’s a present and for him alone.

He strolled around his bed, looking at it and swapping it from hand to hand, letting these thoughts swirl in his head. His mind was already made up, he leaned against the door to his quarters in case someone heard something and tried to come in. Raised the gun, flinching away from it, not knowing exactly what to expect and pulled the trigger.

A loud sound like material tearing was heard and a whirling bright white wormhole appeared. It seemed to produce its own energy to counterbalance the effect of diffusion, meaning nothing was being pulled into the portal. There was no wind, not even a gentle breeze. The normality of a hole leading somewhere, probably “another world” by Megan’s note made him more nervous than if pulling the trigger had sucked him through. He walked around the other side of the portal and it was transparent, he could see the door to his quarters. It was only visible from the side you could enter it from. He considered putting his hand through the wormhole from the other side just to see what would happen and then thought against it. It didn’t seem like something to be trifled with.

He looked back through it from the regular side and watched as it started to flicker slightly dimmer. It was weakening. He waited and the portal kind of fizzled out. Collapsing upon itself.

He put his hand over his mouth and rubbed his chin again. “Geez-us f***-ing…”

He opened the door and surveyed the hallway. Nothing. Apparently it hadn’t been loud enough to raise anyone’s attention. He closed the door again.


This time the gentle sound didn’t help him any, because he’d already made his mind up.

Leaning against the door a second time, he pulled the trigger. The vertical white portal showed itself in roughly the same place as the last one.

He breathed deeply and stepped through.

And as the portal closed all that remained was the gentle ticking.



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