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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

55 McClane Drive, COOKTOWN Terraria

A sound like material tearing can be heard and a portal opens up at 45 degrees on the fourth floor at a modest family home on McClane. A man in black lunges through the wormhole.

“--*****!” he exclaimed.

Unfortunately for the man, his scream was lengthy obscenity was cut short as he falls through the wormhole at that same 45 degrees, falling hard, face-first on the kitchen floor.

Fortunately for the man, the house takes on a familiar appearance. He recognises the tiles first, then the cabinets. Getting to his feet he also recognises the sofa in the living room, the microwave. And a familiar wooden block, full of kitchen knives. Whole and with all items intact. He slides one out just to be sure.

But something doesn’t feel right about this place.

“What… The… F***?!?” The man uttered, perplexed by this world, so similar to his own.


“F***! F***! F***ity F***!” the words somehow felt different than they ever had before. Felt stilted. Less than whole. A look of hollow disappointment crossed his face.

Then he felt little bits of plastic trickle down the back of his pants. Reaching behind him he pulled a small bundle which had been stuffed down the back. Pages of paper, wrapped around a yellow object and secured by a rubber band. Presumably the same yellow object that brought him here in the first place, only now in considerably more broken parts.

“Aw s***.”


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