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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 6

Originally Posted by JeetKuneDo View Post
Perhaps more evidence that the Hulk character which came later and became popular is the one they got right. (And who isn't in the movies)
You're all about popularity? Then the TV show beat the comics back in the day.

Originally Posted by JeetKuneDo View Post
According to Lou Ferrigno:

Q: The film gives another nod to the series by showing a gravestone marked Bruce David Banner. Why was the traditional Marvel Comics name Bruce changed to David for the series?

A: CBS felt that the name Bruce sounded too gayish, and they wanted David. I thought it was the most absurd, ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.
It was Kenneth Johnson who made that decision. You watch the interview with Kenneth Johnson, not just one of the cast members who was not involved with any kind of decision there:

"I wanted it to not be comic booky in any way. One of the first things I changed was David Banner's name from Bruce Banner. Why? Because the Bruce Banner thing is like Lois Lane, peter Parker, it's all aliterative, all harked back to comic books roots and I was doing everything I could to get the show away from comic book root and that kid of feeling".

Minute: 1:44

When getting the facts it's always better to go rioght to the source instead of secondhand hearsay.

He then talks about the Hulk's color and how little sense the green makes. And it certainly does, it was juyst a random decision. But it's a must because everyone's used to it and it's his visual identity. So Johnson kept the green color.

And well, you said that it was ridiculious to have a red Hulk. Don't they have red, gray, green and purple in comics? And a planet where he becomes a gladiator? And you can't take the TV show seriously? Heh.

Originally Posted by JeetKuneDo View Post
I know the show managed to get a very distorted version of the Hulk into the mainstream...that's my complaint. Imagine if the Batman movies felt like they needed to stick close to the Batman TV show instead of getting closer to the comic version. (They could still get closer for my money) Just because a TV show manages to distort a character doesn't mean a movie has to go along with the distortion.
No, it's that the show and its real-world feeling connected more to people than the comic books. That's all.

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