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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
I disagree. And thankfully Disney, Lucas and Kennedy do, too.
Evidence, please?

Personally, I think that Disney's Star Wars should be the start of a new saga (perhaps from Episode VII to XII; split into two trilogies). ROTJ felt very much like an ending - the Emperor was defeated, the Empire in disarray, and Anakin Skywalker's soul had been redeemed. All the major subplots had been wrapped up; and would be weaker for it if attempted to continue. The only possible exception to that is the question of whether the Jedi will reclaim its former glory; which to me, feels like the start of a new adventure rather than the continuation of the old one.

Something I'd like to add is that while 'the passing of the torch' sounds like a good idea in theory, it is very hard to successfully execute in practice. Often, you're likely to run into the situation where the successor steals all the limelight away from the original and making the latter seem less 'badass' (which would upset the fans) OR the original still gets all the best scenes which would make the successor seem incompetent and thereby unworthy; with almost no middle ground. As such, it's easier to end a series with the passing of the torch to a 'new generation' than to begin the next series with it.

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