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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

Originally Posted by Professor_X View Post
That's not what my logic assumes at all. The prequels were about events that led us to the OT. They weren't just some way way way back random events in some other part of the galactic storyline. There's a continuity of story and dealing with events that led the rise of the Empire and the Skywalker family. If they're labeling the ST Ep. 7, that pretty much denotes a continuous story line with the rest of the saga.

You're the one who said, I believe:
Personally, I think that Disney's Star Wars should be the start of a new saga (perhaps from Episode VII to XII; split into two trilogies). ROTJ felt very much like an ending - the Emperor was defeated, the Empire in disarray, and Anakin Skywalker's soul had been redeemed. All the major subplots had been wrapped up; and would be weaker for it if attempted to continue. The only possible exception to that is the question of whether the Jedi will reclaim its former glory; which to me, feels like the start of a new adventure rather than the continuation of the old one.

You're the one arguing against a continuing storyline. I'm saying, that's it's called Episode 7, it's a more likely that we are getting more of the story from our current saga. A saga that primarily deals with the Skywalker family. That could include Luke, or this children in some way. I think it will be a passing of the torch and a rebuilding of the Jedi ways based on what Luke discovered.

I don't want to seem like I'm just attacking your viewpoint. You're well to believe anything you want. But I think you're taking the position that's a bit more of a stretch at the moment. If they come out with a title like, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Episode 1 (or 4, lol) then we've got a new baby on our hands.
My comment is that your logic is based around picking up a single recurring element in a body of work and extrapolating that this said element is the one defining, recurring element that must continue through the new derivative works. Which is not the case. There are other recurring elements that can be used. So yes, I think it is a bit of a stretch to say at this point that the new management has this same view as yours when they have given no indication as such. I do not presume to know Disney's plans for Star Wars and can only speak for myself in terms of what direction I can see things going.

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