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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

Who said anything about a prequel? The movies will take place after ROTJ, but they will be a brand new saga involving new characters and most likely a totally separate story arc. The Skywalker story has a (godawful) beginning, a middle and an end. Six movies was more than enough.

There is no evidence that this new series will be a direct sequel to the OT trilogy, and thats a good sign. The SW universe is more than big enough to accomadate two separate sagas.

The less of the OT cast in these movies the better (if they insist on a "handing of the baton", that would be cringeworthy but tolerable). Preferably none at all. And if I hear they're needlessly inserting the droids or chewie, my expectations will be lowered to post-TPM levels.

And please dont use the old movies as a template for characters. you dont need a space pirate type and a noble woman and a young hothead. you also dont need a cute droid or a furry sidekick. Something new please.

Finally, the numbering is meaningless at this point. Better to drop the whole "Episode" thing and market it like the OT - with subtitles not numbers. if they go with the opening scroll again, they can use chapters without an issue. Example: STAR WARS: NO LITTLE KIDS WE PROMISE.

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