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Default Re: Official Young Avengers Discussion Thread - Part 1

I thought the issue was good, setting stuff up. Bringing in and introducing sort of each character. I will certainly keep getting it. The art was great too, and I love the Young Avengers so I am interested to see them back and where they take it. Maybe Protector will eventually join them.

The thing between the parents would have become a normal discussion, it was about homophobia at all. It was one parent saying "I'm not happy he is in a relationship at all, Billy is too young for romance." And the other Parents saying "We are happy they found each other." It would have been the same argument if one was a girl. But the woman had ulterior motives the whole time.
She is actually not his mother, in an earlier story, years ago, it was revealed that she was a Skrull hiding out as Billy's mother. She was placed there to keep an eye on him. But nothing more was said about her and her motives. He is actually the son of Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull Princess Anelle. So That was not his real mother, but since she raised him like she was his mother and protected him, sacrificing her life to save him sort of, that everyone assumed she loved him like a mother and had no evil motives.
But as it seems, she did. Probably like some sleeper cell, she is proceeding with one of the Skrull's evil plans.

Whatever happened to Novar? He was on the Dark Avengers, apperently slept with Moonstone and then suddenly was gone. Then showed up in Avengers as the Protector and then I stopped reading so I don't know what happened to him there. But did they EVER explain what happened to him in Dark Avengers? The cover of the comic showed him on the run from the Symbiot, but they never showed anything. One issue he was sleeping with Moonstone, and the next he was gone and she said he ran off and she moved on to Bullseye. Anyone know what happened or where it was explained?

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