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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

In my opinion the samples have potential and at this stage this is absolutely good enough for me.

Also it's seems that some people here have never listened to 30sec sample clips on amazon before. Never judge a track or a score on those 30 sec samples! Because for whatever reason they often don't contain the best parts. They are not Highlights of the score!

To give you some examples "imagine the fire". For me as heard on the samples bottom of the list, full track top or near top of the list. The reason is that the part that I love the most (min 4-5) is not on the samples. Or how about "Like A Dog Chasing Cars" or " Introduce A Little Anarchy". I love the melody starting at 2.11 and 1.05 respectively (I'm probably not the only one). It's completely missing on the samples.

In short nobody should jump to conclusion based on those samples because I can guarantee you that we haven't heard the best parts yet.

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