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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
Egghead isn't much of a fighter, neither is MODOK. Taskmaster is.

Also, even though I'd have some doubts about a gay man playing a character so tied to an opposite sex love interest, NPH proved that he could pull it off with HIMYM. Also, Dougie Houser + Dr. Horrible as Hank Pym is awesome casting. That combined with the upcoming finale of HIMYM means he'll have more availability. So please Marvel, do it because it would be awesome casting.

Also, knowing Edgar Wright, he'd probably use NPH's singing talents in one scene or another. Imainge Ant-Man seranading MODOK to confuse him, then following up with a retort along the lines of, "Your foolish attempts to confuse me were in vein. Although amusing, you must still be exterminated."
the only reason i'm against using Taskmaster is that he's kind of wasted if you aren't going to also work the crime school into the plot. his role could easily be filled by someone like Crossfire (rogue CIA agent turned mercenary) w/ a squad of A.I.M mercenaries, in tow. he'd probably provide more of an even fight since his cybernetic eye would allow him to see either Ant-Man at any size. plus, there's no way that either Ant-Man takes Taskmaster in a straight up fight.

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