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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - - - - Part 14


Sorry if I wasn't clear, the bracelets absolutely stay! What I was referring too
is the "bullets & bracelets" scene from the original comics and various screen adaptations. One of the competitive test is she and a competitor are shot at and they must deflect the bullets. Remember? There was a version in the animated movie with arrows. The one who falls first loses. I always liked that scene.

In my take Diana would leave the island to both recover the item and save Steve's life. It would be clear the item is very dangerous. I like your idea of monster popping up in Metropolis. Extra drama is good. I just feel the classic story is fine and the real writers need to work with it.

Originally Posted by roach View Post
A lot of good ideas. I think it would be a mistake to get rid of the bracelets as it's one of her most recognizable pieces of equipment. I'd lose the invisible jet before the bracelets.
Also with your take it seems the reason Diana leaves the island is to save Steve's life and I wanted to avoid a situation like that. When you are doing a macguffin chase movie the chase for the macguffin must be the driving force of the story.
In my take the item causes mythological creatures to manifest and attack. Steve is investigating in America. Diana comes to America and their paths cross. Steve now has a purpose in being part of the story other than he likes her and she likes him.

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