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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Those, plus Sif's feeling about Thor, but specifically his mum's death. It's actually a good reason for Thor and Loki to go after Malekith from an emotional perspective, however there was no real Mother/Son relationship built up to that moment in this movie, or even in the previous film. The real relationship is Thor/Loki. As such there's never any sense of there being anything personal about Thor taking on Malekith, the humour toward the end of the film further dilutes that. I honestly forgot that his mum died in this movie by the time the finale came about because things started getting a little bit silly toward the end. The emotional stuff happened in the previous act with Loki.
Well, there's the personal issue of saving Jane but even that gets kind of forgotten about to an extent, once the film has Thor and Loki center staged together.

This film is a bridge film to get to the final showdown between Thor and Loki. Marvel had to just had to get to this ending, hoping many wouldn't really notice that this film doesn't really mean anything in the grande scheme of things. It should've meant something, considering what actually happens in the picture. But, the film is in such a rush to get to that ending that we don't get the true payoffs that the film really wants.

But again, the cast sells the hell out of this story, so that makes it really watchable, even with the misplaced humor.