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Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
THE ENDLESS I am not saying that YOU mischaracterize MOS' finale but brother, there are more than enough posters that DO. "Superman knocked over all those buildings!!" Uh.. NO he did not. "Well... I still don't like it. I mean Jon Kent and his wife were abusive parents" You mean when Martha calls the truth of Clark's origin "beautiful" or when Jon says that WHEN the time comes Clark will look on his powers as a "blessing" they were abusive? "What ever..."

That's the attitude I'm talking about. And yes, it is frustrating to see that Hulk and Thor get a pass for not trying to stop that Leviathan from crashing into the VERY OBVIOUSLY still filled with people Grand Central, but Superman gets crucified for the scoutship crashing into a couple of demolished buildings at the edge of the blast zone of the Black Zero attack.

But you know what? I call a mulligan on ALL the nitpicks and gripes in THE AVENGERS because before MOS IT was the most like seeing a comic book come to life. MOS just did that to an even greater magnitude. There is nothing that happens in MOS or AVENGERS that does not regularly occur in a superhero comic, but once we as fans finally get that we piss and moan.

Now that I've got a taste of the epic action, I AINT GOING BACK TO THE FINALES OF YESTERYEARS!!! Too often they just petered out, or were not very satisfying. Whedon and Snyder gave us all what we said we wanted for so long. The internet forum backlash for it befuddles me. Batman gets mulligan after mulligan in the Nolan films even after all his "one rule" BS, then the film's story and the fans eat up what ever technicalities one can imagine to absolve the character of any "sin". Superman? "He's boring, and I dislike the character and his stories, but please, also don't do anything new or challenging with him cuz we'll piss and moan about that too."

*high fives KRYPTON, INC.*

My dude!

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