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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
Yes they did. There was dozens of people in a bank who were going to get executed. Cap saved them. Hawkeye was shown pulling people from a wrecked bus etc.

Supes caught one soldier falling from a chopper. But he also basically crashed a space ship into a populated city.

Again, I really enjoy MoS. But some of the stuff in the final battle was overkill because falling sky scrapers look shocking and evoke 9/11. Didn't matter that it was out of character for Superman to disable a spaceships controls over a city and not try to catch it or divert it. Then you have Zod being the one to take the fight into the upper atmosphere. Whyyyyy? Why not have Kal do that to restrict civilian casualties? Why would Zod take the fight into outer space and not Kal?
I will stand corrected on the Avengers. Cap saved them in the same sense Superman saved the city by destroying the World Engine. But remember. They are a team. Ironman Hulk and Thor didn't save anyone directly, let's crap on them for not doing enough.

Secondly the villain always chooses the site of battle. Superman was chasing Zod. Zod was fighting aimlessly. The travel at crazy speeds. They were there in space by accident.

Secondly artistically speaking, you have to fight in the city. What awesome battle did not take place in a city.

Superman taking the fight to a desert would be so boring.

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