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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
I just finished watching it again and each time I watch it the action scenes, to me, get shorter and shorter. The Smallville and Zod fights are both barely under 5 minutes. Whenever I watch those scenes now, I'm like "That's it? I remember these fights being longer!". Here's what i think: I think people were just overwhelmed with the intensity of the action and not so much the amount of action itself. When added up MoS probably has less action than The Avengers but the intensity and gravity of the action is much higher than Avengers. That's why I think people say there's "too much", they just didn't like or appreciate the massive destruction that occurred during these sequences. I, for one, thought it was pure spectacle and took my breath away. These are the kind of epic action scenes that you have to watch on a big screen tv with the volume and bass turned all the way up to really fully appreciate.

I mean, to each his own I suppose. The Transformers movies got ripped for the same reasons (even though those movies are, in fact, bad movies). I know for a fact though that a lot of Superman fans including myself have been waiting for a movie where Superman can cut loose and show what he's capable of and I'm so happy we finally got it.
Agreed. Especially with the bold parts.

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