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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
I love both of the Thor films but still have to give the edge to TDW. To each his own but I just don't get the hate for Thor 2 some of you guys have. I thought it was so much fun. As far as the MCU goes I personally rate it just behind Avengers even after seeing Winter Solider two times which I thought was a stellar film as well but the films couldn't be more different from each other. Cap can do grounded. Thor is fantasy and is the farthest thing from grounded. I like how Marvel assigns the right tone to the right material.

In fact I love the entire Phase 2 so far. I'm having a blast. I'll admit I'm wary of Guardians though. It could be awesome or it could be total cheese. Even so I'll be there opening weekend.
Completely agree about Phase 2,I LOVED it so far and TWS was absolutely incredible and yet completely different from TDW and IM3 of course.

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