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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

He has basically no engines on the plane so I don't he could turn it in any way plus it had many holes in it and it was on auto pilot. They don't really give an explanation as why he can't turn it but there are plenty of factors there for the audience to just go with it. I felt that the Peggy/Cap relationship is so far the best in any comic book movie and that is all due to the 2 actors. Its definitely not the best written one thats for sure but the 2 just had phenomenal chemistry and there was something about their relationship to where you wanted to see them get together and be together which is why the ending so much heart wrenching.

What didn't I like about this movie? first thing that comes to mind the atrocious blue/green screen. It's obvious they put all their cg money into skinny Steve because the cg everywhere else in the movie especially the backgrounds is just awful.

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