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Default Re: Zach Snyder plans to speak with Frank Miller for MoS Sequel

^ "But this announcement also sheds light that Snyder was never really been a Superman fan. I don't understand how people can think he is. Just because he knows what to say in interviews?"

That's the ironic thing, for me. I feel like Zack has tried to give MOS heart. And in my opinion, he succeeded. The scene in which Clark realizes that he's emotionally helpless against the bullies and the scene of him comforting Lois come to mind.

I actually feel like he's a bigger fan of the genre and characters than Nolan is. Heck, the costume redesign is more comic-bookish than Bale's Batsuits ever were.

But Chris Nolan makes up for it with his sheer storytelling ability.

That's why his films feel "right" even when I can tell you how ridiculously out of character it is for Batman to leave someone in a doomed train. It's because he's earned the confidence of the GA, and the gratitude of fanboys who are just happy to see a good movie that SOMEWHAT resembles the source material.

Again, if MOS were better, we probably wouldn't be discussing about how the climax was handled or the beacon leading Zod to Earth.

The Nolans are writers. They can "fix" something at a script level. I don't think Zack can.

I feel like a lot of the warmth for the TDK trilogy comes from Jonah Nolan, who cares more about Batman than Chris does. Heck, POI feels more in the spirit of Batman (at times) than the trilogy.

If all this sounds like a giant bashing of the TDK trilogy, it's not. If the movies weren't as well made as they are, fans would rage more.

We might eventually get Batman adaptations in live action that are as well made as they are faithful.

But until then, the TDK trilogy is a landmark in the genre, and one that would be difficult to top in terms of writing, scope, supporting characters, uncompromising vision, and practical effects.

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