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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull - Part 6/6/44

Originally Posted by Shadowlord X View Post
Dude, relax. We get it, you wanted to see the Red skull do sick and twisted things.

The movie is called CAPTAIN AMERICA. It's about the journey of frail Steve Rogers to supersoldier, then to propaganda symbol/publicity figure, then to hero, and then to a legend.

It isn't a movie about the Red Skull. Villains are tradilitionally simply foils for the story of the hero, as is the case here. Some franchises may fool people into thinking it should be the other way around but that's not the case.

Maybe you can start a petition to get a Red Skull cameo in Hostel III?
Yes because clearly if I wanted Red Skull do something really evil, I want this movie to be Hostel, that's exactly what I mean.

Sebastian Shaw and Joker did really evil things in PG-13 films, I don't see why the Skull couldn't have done the same.

I know this movie is about Captain America, but you still need a compelling villain to carry the story and I did not find Red Skull compelling at all, he is just generic. I didn't care about the conflict between Cap and the Skull, because there was no reason to, nothing about the Skull made him stand out from any other villain and he lacked the more interesting rivalry they had in the comics. If I don't care about the Skull in this movie, why should I care about him or his conflict with Cap in a future film? They would have make him way more sinister in a sequel for me to want to see him in a sequel. Frankly I thought the villains were so weak in this film, that is a big part of why instead of thinking this movie is great, I only thought it was okay. The Captain America stuff was fine, but a lot of the other elements in this film were very weak. This movie felt like it was playing it very safe, with almost no Nazis and laser guns often replacing real guns. It felt like a GI Joe cartoon.

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