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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull - Part 6/6/44

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
I think he would because of what he went through. Imagine seeing firsthand the vast possibility of power he just witnessed first hand. He definitely would want to possess it at all costs.
But that's what I don't like about movie Red Skull, all he cares about is power, he is a generic power mad villain and kinda boring really. Comic Book Red Skull did horrible things, even if they didn't bring him power, he liked doing bad things because he liked hurting people. That's the Red Skull I like to see, a morally repulsive psychopathic monster, not some generic power mad James Bond villain. I think comic book Red Skull was more scary then his movie counterpart, because he was driven by hate and malice, rather then just a lust for power.

If Red Skull just talks about how all he wants is power in his next appearance, I don't want to see him again. If Red Skull isn't truly evil like his comic book counterpart, a real monster instead of a generic villain, I don't see the point of using him again.

Red Skull should be more like Hitler and less like Cobra Commander from the GI Joe cartoon.

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