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Default Re: The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises - Part 1

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Of course nothing is set in stone but I see no reason why a Batman movie featuring Catwoman that is a sequel to a beloved film will not out-gross The Avengers? You can't compare TDK situation to the Avengers because the last Avengers related film did not sell an amazing amount on DVD like Batman Begins did nor was it as well received. (I loved Captain America BTW). Also The Avengers doesn't have one of the most popular villains ever and the star who played that villain probably won't tragically die before the film comes out thus giving the film more attention from the media than it would have ever received.
If I'm not mistaken CA:TFA did amazing well in the DVD/Blu-Ray department and it's Rotten Tomatoes score is 78% which isn't much lower than BB's 85%.

Very good point concerning the popularity of The Joker and Heath Ledgers tragic demise beforehand, but Hiddleston Loki gained quite a bit of buzz in THOR causing Loki's popularity to sky rocket (not that it's on the same level as The Joker).

I was calm when I wrote that response and I'm calm now. I said hell not the F-word. Hell is not a big deal.

I have seen nobody say that worldwide grosses don't count. They count and even there I see Batman beating Avengers in total. I don't think that the international thing is as cut and dry as domestic but overall Batman will win.
Oh ok, I'm not saying anything is wrong with the word "hell" it's just the way you used it made you come off as being a bit angry.

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