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Default Re: The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises - Part 1

Originally Posted by PowerPacked View Post
I'd like to point out that, in 5 Days, the new Avengers trailer has almost gotten as many views as the second TDKR trailer.

Avengers: 12,936,702 views
TDKR: 14,539,699 views since December

It's also gotten more likes on youtube:

TDKR trailer: 50,124 likes, 1,156 dislikes

Avengers: 71,668 likes, 1,899 dislikes

Perhaps maybe Avengers making a billion isn't as farfetched as Batfans think it will be.
It's possible but Google search results, YouTube views, MTV polls, Spike Awards, Facebook likes, Tweets, etc don't translate into guaranteed success.

Those are practically useless stats.

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