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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

This would greatly determin where the Avengers stories go, and how many sequels they can make I think.
If they start including cosmic characters right off the bat, like Ms. Marvel, Thanos, Krees or Skrulls, Captain Marvel, Nova, Moon Dragon, Mantis, any alien or cosmic level characters, that sort of takes the movie into that direction. If they start including cosmic characters, that sort of means they are taking the movies into that direction with cosmic related stories.
That also means they probably wont make an infinate number of films either, if each film takes the cosmic level stuff further and takes the movie out more into space and makes its threats greater and greater, then eventually they will have to end. I also think that it means a character like Luke Cage might not get included if a character like Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel is used in the movie. And that villains like Absorbing Man or Baron Zemo wont be used either.
If Cosmic level beings (heroes and villains) are included I think it sort of means some characters will not be used and that some stories wont be used and eventually the Avengers films will have an ending.

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