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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
That's exactly what Bruce Lee did though. He was pretty much the closest to a real life superhero we had.

What you're describing in the comics is actually the opposite. Where a Batman who looks like he's 250 lbs is depicted bouncing around a like gymnast.

There's nothing about size that equals being a better fighter. Look at some of the best MMA fighters out there they look nothing like bodybuilders.
That´s why Batman could never exist. The physicality necessary to beat up anyone easily is different from the one necessary to bounce around buildings. You can´t be both.

In MMA people fight other people from similar weight. And in the lighter divisions knock outs are rare. Fights go the distance most of the time, because most of the lighter guys don´t have that much power.

Batman knocks out mos of his opponents with one blow. I mean, i can only see a big heavyweight being able to do that. There´s no way a guy with the build of Bruce would be able to knock out 250 pound man with ease.

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