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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I also want to point this out: FOX could announce that their X-Men and FF are joining the MCU without going into specifics. DoFP, etc., could still run their course without affecting future plans to reboot the X-Men.

I say this because I have a very hard time believing that FOX's new FF are going to be sharing the same universe with the current X-Men even if they don't join MCU. What's the point of having a new (younger) FF cast to share the same universe with late 40s, 50s and 80 year old principal actors from X-Men? I mean, do any of you want that? I don't see a future there...they won't "match". Especially if they want to share in the same world of Avengers' younger casts.

Either way, I think this version of X-Men are going to be going away sooner than some of us may be an Andrew Garfield sort of way.
Nah. I don't even think Marvel/Disney wants that. Too many egos at play number one. And X-Men would convolute the MCU and vice versa. Just doesn't work. If they rebooted X-Men it works, and I don't consider your proposal a reboot at its very definition.

As of now, the OT is cannon. And it did not incorporate superheroes at any point. They tried to combine X-Men with the then running FF series at the time, but that never panned out either (Jackman's cameo in FF was a deleted scene). I hope this new FF isn't going to be some parallel universe that didn't exist back in the X-Men OT, but exists now in the FC timeline and the now MCU timeline.

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