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Originally Posted by TalismanRing View Post
I don't see how it's the same routine. James Bond has lived through 20 plus films even with a couple of faked deaths tossed in. It took them until Bond 24 to kill off an M.

X-Men just did a film
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where they retconned all the deaths from previous films and their own and everyone ends up happy and alive and
yet people think it has big emotional stakes.

The emotional stakes are their GUILT for being participants in creating a death machine. If they can only feel heightened emotions when one of their own dies as opposed to the general population then they're not only not heroes they're sociopaths. Needing the death of a main character to ratchet up the stakes just denotes a lack of creativity and a reliance on easy emotional manipulation.
The death of one of the avengers isn't just needed to motivate the avengers, but to really show the power of Ultron.

Otherwise he'll just be one of the typical James Bond type villains that just get steamrolled without doing any heavy damage to major characters. Whedon should show us Ultron is not the typical villain.

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