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How big a main character? One of the big three or big four? Natasha or Hawkeye? One of the new twins? A sidekick? A girlfriend? There are problems with any of those choices - either by killing off the golden goose, throwing away untapped potential or slashing at well needed diversity.

Where does it end? Do they have to kill three main Avengers to show Thanos is a greater threat and villain than Ultron? Or they could do like the comic and kill them all and then bring them all back. Which pretty much defeats the purpose except shock value.

Continuously raising the stakes by knocking off main characters in the end just devolves into a slasher flick. If a writer or director can't come up with a better basis for drama or emotion then they're probably a hack. This is a continuing series who's decades old characters are it's greatest assets. Why throw those assets away?

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