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I am paying attention. I am disagreeing.

Slasher flicks kill off a bunch of D list actors and actress who play non entities until one C list actor/actress is left who might continue on to the next film if they're lucky enough to make enough $ for a sequel. No one would even much care if they killed off the "hero" except maybe the actor and his or her agent.

The main four MCU heroes are valuable assets and property. They sell individual movies, they sell comics, they sell T-Shirts, mugs, dolls and DVDs. And combined together they and their importance make up the popularity of The Avengers. No way would Disney or Marvel OK Whedon killing off one of the main assets they paid billions for.

And if they did it would be a temporary death that we've already seen before so what would be the point?

We already know Cap and Thor are getting sequels and RDJ is the MCUs main asset who they'd love to make another Iron Man and is signed already for Avengers 3. So that leaves the Hulk who they finally got right with the Ruffulo casting.

So we're back to killing off Hawkeye, Natasha, Wanda or Pietro. Aside from the fact they're not killing off one of their women when the Avengers is so male heavy - Whedon is not killing off his and fan favorite Black Widow especially not when Feige is considering giving her her own movie. I doubt he introduced SW and QS just to kill them off and they're strangers so even if they did die then what exactly is the big ramification? Maybe Hawkeye - he was underused - finally gets a sizable role and then is killed off. I guess it would give Scarlett some scenery to chew but Ulton taking down a very talented archer is not exactly proving how all powerful and hard to kill he is.

So then we're down to killing a supporting player - Rhodey, Fury, Maria Hill, Pepper, Jane. Fury already "died" in WS. As far as we know Pepper and Jane are not in the movie - but they to are easy to kill vulnerable humans. Neither is Falcon who is already said to be in CA3 anyway. So that leaves Rhodey and Hill. Hill would be Coulson re-do but less impactful. And now we're down to Rhodey. The one minority super-hero in the movie - albeit as a sidekick. Oh yeah, that wouldn't be a cliche at all.

But say it's done. Poor Rhodey is dead. And in the next film they'll have to up the death rate because Thanos so kicks Ultron's ass as a villain.

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