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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
The other thing that keeps crossing my mind is who they show as the person who is assassinated and who will create the Sentinels.
Yes I'm wondering about too. I don't think they can't use Senator Kelly again, as he was already featured in X1 and killed in X1. I don't see William Stryker and Bolivar Trask coming back, I think Stryker died at Alkali Lake in X2 and Bolivar Trask didn't have much that role in X3. So I'm thinking, its either they'll create new characters for DOFP or they will use some C-list non-mutant characters from the comics or maybe Bastion.

Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
I don't want to see Polaris, Sunfire or mutants that can control elements or things we've seen before. Dazzler is the only one I can think of that would be visually appealing. Suggestions?
I think Polaris would be visually appealing if they add color to her magnetic powers just like in the comics but I don't think FOX would do that. Sunfire's mutant ability is similar to Pyro and Human Torch, and visually he would just look like Human Torch but he would still look pleasing in the eyes.

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