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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

I remember, about mid 2007, far earlier than we got any casting sides or anything. I was at work browsing IMDB's "batman sequel" forum for news about the movie - I can't even remember if the film had been named or Ledger cast then. Some woman writing in broken English made a thread, she said she had been a maid at the office of a script editor and been fired, she was not very clear and didn't name the person. She said she had the new Batman script and would paste pages.

In the page, Batman was chasing Joker on a bike, and Joker swerves into a warehouse, and Batman crashes into the warehouse and is unconscious. Joker starts caressing his hands down Batman's armor and says "finally, I get to see Gotham's hero up close". He then hears sirens and starts a little monologue over Batman's sleeping body, about how excited he is to see up close what Batman is made of and that he is just a man, and how he could kill him but doesn't want to lose his nemesis. Then Gordon bursts in and arrests him.

When I finally saw the movie, the truck crash scene was a bit similar, minus the dialogue and being in a warehouse, so I always wondered if she actually had an early version or something. The thread and poster were deleted though.

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