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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

This series had been such a wild ride for us.

I remember having rock bottom hopes for the new Batman, all the rumors were of the weird homeless Bruce movie. Then, I saw some cool pics of the new Bale Batman in a magazine, and read that Ra's was the villain. This blew my mind, I went on the internet and found the leaked script. And I think reading it changed my life.

It re-awakened all my nerd passions, not just Batman but all comics and sci fi. I started reading all the comics I'd wanted to read but never got round to, even classic Marvel and indie comics. Posting on comic book forums, meeting creators, I plunged in. All the while waiting for this movie.

And when I saw it I found it so stirring and powerful. I wanted to go out there into the world and explore like Bruce did, push my bravery. I could not wait for the next movie and was nuts with excitement, checking google every day for spy pics and story leaks. I almost felt part of a religious community with the fandom waiting for the film. And how epic it was, I wanted my life to be so epic.

Then I was older and had been through much more in life when Rises came out, it was so moving to see Bruce end his career.

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