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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Cinema is not a booklet of rules, I agree, but when you stray from certain conventions your executions need to be handled perfectly otherwise you're open to justifiable criticism. If Nolan and co are happy with the fact this horrific event is not seen from the perspective of regular people then that's fine, but it's not fine for me and others especially when the last two films depicted how ordinary people are affected by the insanity that is happening around them. That is why Gotham is very much a character in both films one and two, because the city is given a voice on multiple occasions by the Joe averages. In TDKR Gotham is a hollow shell of the city it was in the previous films, again if Nolan was ok with that then that's his decision and he has to live with it, but it is a valid criticism to make when people have invested so much in not just Batman but Gotham City as well throughout the whole series. To simply forget about the people of Gotham is frankly inexcusable, especially when a large part of the whole series has been about getting Gotham back on its feet. The last thing the movie needed was common citizens? Nothing could be further from the truth, this film out of all the films needed the people of Gotham to be seen and heard.
The stillness of the city was a beautiful illustration of the terror visited upon it.

Gotham during the occupation had become the antithesis of the American city as we know it to be (Walt Whitman- "Manhattan streets with their powerful throbs... the endless noisy chorus"). Ross Douthat wrote in The New York Times ('The Way We Fear Now') that Nolan's films are a "cultural touchstone for our era of anxiety".

The deafening silence of Gotham was shocking, the theme of fear from Batman Begins had reached an societal apotheosis.

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