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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

I don't. This reminds me of one of the more recent Thor runs. When Loki is supposedly in support of his brother, and you think there is some good happening, when he then manipulated Bor to attack Thor, resulting in Thor killing him, and Thor being exiled, then loki allies himself with Doom. To eventually become ruler of asgard.

I don't want Thor to try to save his brother in this movie, just to please his fangirls (who apparently know nothing about the character of Loki).

Thor has done enough trying to save Loki, in Thor, and Avengers. The line has been crossed. Thor should know his brother his beyond help. Keep it that way. Keep Loki a minor minor character in this movie.

This should be about Thor. Loki should answer for his crimes. And maybe do some few dark things. But that should be it.

Loki and Thor as a dynamic should not be a main point of this movie guys.

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