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Default Re: Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
Uncanny X-Force 33 - I'm going to make an anouncement that is difficult for me... I'm thoroughly bored with this book. It was my top book through the Dark Angel Saga and I've clung to that all this time, but I've just realized that I've only enjoyed maybe 2 issues since then. This was the concluding chapter of Final Execution I believe (or at least it read like it, and next issue is the last one) and I just didn't like this story at all. There were too many villains, most with no real build up or reason to be there. The story with Evan didn't live up to any expectation I had. The Logan/Daken story here was supposed to be the heart-felt close of this saga but without any build up before it began and I found it to be cold and boring. Logan kills his own son and I shrug. I mean, he killed the rest of his kids a year or two ago so his felt tame.

I thought the Logan/Daken interaction here was pretty well done. But what gets me here is that I don't believe for a minute that Daken actualy died. The Heat drug didn't do it in his solo nor do I think simple drowning did here either. A nasty beat down yeah, but not a fatality. Daken will be back sooner or later. Just like Sabes and Logan always fight again eventually.

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