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Exclamation Re: Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

Originally Posted by Red View Post
No Captain America Dread?
No. It is an odd thing to explain. I never read CAPTAIN AMERICA until the Ed Brubaker run, and by the time I caught on/listened to everyone on SHH who suggested to read it, Brubaker was already over 2 years in. Thus, Brubaker = Cap to me even when in later years he started to wane. Now, ideally I do like Rick Remender; he's kicked ass for me on VENOM and SECRET AVENGERS. But I just don't care for the alter-dimensional premise he has for CA, and I can't envision the book under someone else.

I maybe could for Mark Waid, but Waid already wrote the book in the 90's and I doubt he'd do it again. INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK likely replaces it in terms of budget.

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