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Default Re: Be Thankful for the Pre-Thanksgiving BOUGHT/THOUGHT! 11/21/12

Catching up a bit with a few issues...

ASM 698: Good issue, well written. Not such a shock, and not worth the uproar it's gotten. This is actually a pretty tired premise. Just a build up issue though.

Iron Man 2: Man I'm loving this series now. Tony is just so tony from the way he addresses people to him cheating. His dressing down of author about how he'll always be disappointed cause he lives in fantasy land was great. The russian lancelot woman's way of using the armor was something I've never seen addressed before. You can tell Gillen really put some thought into this with the level of research, creativity and detail. Loved it from start to finish.

JIM 645: Finally got this issue in (was sold out). God I love this book, though this issue I hated/loved so much. Knew the ending would be something like that, but it still broke my widdle heart. Can't wait for more of loki and his plots. I love how gillen really gave us a complete story here. Every issue, every single issue built the plot and contributed. I have never read a comic where a writer manged to do this so well and JIM, I'm going to miss you (I have no desire to check out SIF, though maybe that will change). My favorite part of this had to be loki and thor's talk, but everything was beautifully done.

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OMG, it makes sense now. Does Fox News know about this?
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