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Default Re: Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 - Round TWO

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
I don't think its pathetic at all. They tried something it was not great so they decided to scrap it. Nothing wrong with that
Originally Posted by Rogue Kira View Post
exactly. if people could just stop bashing Microsoft now. yes they tried to rid us of the used games and their always online was marketed very poor. but this is the 8th generation of gaming. things are going to Change to a digital format eventually whether we like it or lot. I applaud Microsoft for trying to that for trying to atleast to take a step even if they trip over their themselves. Ps4 by no means is the Se one coming or the savior they too also have so e the gs to answer for . I think this gen is getting off to a rocky start let's just that is all it is.... a rocky start..
The problem is that they shouldn't have tried to do this in the beginning. Not only that, but I just can't fathom how Microsoft thought that this was going to play out in their favor. When all the rumors about their plans regarding always online and used games came out, people where *****ing and moaning then too. And they fired one of their employees for attacking gamers for bringing up legitimate complaints, so it's not like they had their heads in the sand or anything.

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