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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
The day X-Men reboots is the day I stop having an emotional investment in the series, as it will be obvious that the series will no longer be treated with credibility.
I don't think we have ever talked before, I don't really know anything about you, so can you answer a question for old are you. This is not meant to be a joke or snide. I really want to know your age, because I feel things like that effect how people see things. Me....I'm old. I'm 56 years old. Been watching all kinds of movies and TV shows for decades. I've seen many many franchises get rebooted (most likely most of them you and others on here have never seen or heard of)....and rarely feel that the "reboot" is something to really get upset about.

Some examples:
I was introduced to TARZAN by the Weismuller films. He made 12 of them. The first six at MGM with a certain continuity and feel (basicly serious with humor thrown in). The last 6 at RKO with a different continuity and feel (lower budgets, less noteworthy supporting cast, less serious, more humor ect...) it was like a reboot, not as good (in my opinion) but still enjoyable. Then I discovered the 5 movie TARZAN series starring Lex Barker. A reboot with new Tarzan, Jane, and supporting cast. His son, named Boy, was now removed from the series and the series given an overall lighter tone. Then the next reboot with Gordon Scott. He made 6 movies which were all over the place. The first couple were serious fare where Tarzan was a loner getting into adventures, then the next 2 he now had Jane and Boy with him, and the last 2 he was again a loner in serious gritty films. This continued on with several actors making multiple Tarzan movies and a nice TV series and such. I have enjoyed all of them to some extent (even though after first discovering him in the movies, I then read the books and he is a totally different from anything filmed)....should I have given up on anything made after the Weismuller films? Afterall, I saw them first, they were originally my definative version....there were so many things I would have missed out on if I had given up.

The same with James Bond. I have seen every Bond movie at the theater on it's first run. Should I have never tried to watch Daniel Craig because I started with Sean Connery, and for years he was the best Bond you could imagine? There have been good and bad Bond films. They have made major changes in tone and content over the decades....but they are still worth going to see. He's changed over the years from spy, to gadget master, to gimmick of the moment guy, and now back to spy.

I won't even get into some of the other franchises I have watched over the decades like The Falcon, the Saint, Mr. Moto, the Mysterious Mr. Wong, Green Hornet, Superman, Batman, Captain America......

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
I have happily not seen Incredible Hulk, Man of Steel, Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall, Star Trek, or any other reboot in theaters, and I will be happily adding Amazing Spiderman 2, RoboCop, the eventual Terminator reboot, Batman v. Superman, the eventual Fantastic 4 reboot to my reboot boycott. And I couldn't feel happier for it.
I have to question the "happiness" part. Anyone who excludes so many "fun" movies from their lives over petty reasons does not sound like a happy person.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
Why would the main trilogy cast come back if their entire existence and character progression has been wiped from continuity?
To do something different. To do what actors like to do...act different parts with different motives and ambitions and reasons for doing things.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
"X-Men 5! Where everything that came before this movie never happened, but still come and be invested in these characters anyways even though they no longer have a history!"
Why did you go see the first XMEN movie...they had no filmatic "history" for you to care about. To sound like you prefer to live in a time loop living the same thing over and over and over.....

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
If the rumored ending is true, then I won't care what happens to those characters anymore because the creative minds behind this film will have proven that they give absolutely no legitimacy to the consequences of the events of the storyline, and have completely thrown my emotional investment into these characters into the trash.

I will have no more attachment to these characters, as the journey that I went on with them will no longer exist in the continuity. These won't be the same characters anymore. If the rumored ending is true, then no events going forward will matter anymore because these people will no longer have a history.
I know some people who said the same thing about the recent STAR TREK they didn't see them...and they missed out on a really good time. I say this again as a giant STAR TREK fan who has been a fan of the franchise since I was introduced it on it's first run TV appearance back in the 60's. The history of the TREK I have loved for 46 some years is now changed/erased/evaporated....doesn't keep me from watching the old shows...doesn't keep me from watching the new shows. Doesn't keep me from loving STAR TREK.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again - in 10 years time when this current franchise is finished, we don't -need- a reboot. The stories have already been told. We don't need a rehash.
Have you ever heard of a guy named SUPERMAN. There was a highly loved serial of the character made in the 40's. The story of his birth on Krypton and then coming to Earth and becoming a superpowered hero was told then. If people had thought like you did....then never would have been a six season run of a beloved Superman series in the 50's....or the beloved run of Chris Reeve Superman movies in the 70's and 80's....or any of the other multiple TV series and theatrical releases made about the character over the next few decades up to a recent hit movie about the character. Do you like BATMAN? Not Bale or Keaton or West or Kilmer or Clooney.....I'm talking about the first BATMAN, Lewis Wilson. He made a BATMAN serial back in 1943. There is no need to make any more Batman movies or TV shows...because he already did it. We don't need any reboots of the character. I sure hope you haven't watched any reboots of the character. As I think about it...your choices of comic book shows to watch is getting pretty thin....because most of the recent characters seen have been see before. You shouldn't watch the new THOR movie because THOR appeared in a HULK TV movie back in 1988....and of course DareDevil was in the 89' HULK TV movie, so he can't be watched again. Captain America....serial in the 40's, 2 TV movies in the 70's, limited theatrical release in the 90's....he's already been done 4 times, no need to see the new movie. Yep....things are getting slim.

At least you have the original XMEN DVDs you can watch......and rewatch.....and rewatch.....

Me....I try to watch all comic related movies ever made. But I'm an old grumpy man who has lost his sense of adventure and wonderment at new things....wait....who am I describing there......

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