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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
What I'm trying to say is - film series' come to an end. And that's OKAY. It is okay for things to come to an end. And I feel it's a sense of entitlement when people run around acting like they are OWED all these different versions of different characters. While some say they can't wait for new takes, I say I'd rather see NEW ideas and NEW stories being told.

Once again, you make it sound as if the only option(or way you'll except)for having new stories and ideas is with the original cast. Also, you talk about some of us acting as if we feel we are owed different version, that is far from the truth and to be honest, you for quite some time have actually been acting like you are owed more films with the original cast. Seems like a double standard.

C. Lee rattled off some old timey films from the 40's. That's obviously much different than rebooting a series in 2015 that started in 2000. Film making is much different today than in was in 1940. It was an entire generation ago of people who aren't even ALIVE today. Want to reboot X-Men in 30 years, when I'm 60 (to answer your other question, Lee, I'm 30), then that's a whole different story than rebooting it in 2020 only 6 years after Days Of Future Past.

6 years from now do you really think all of the cast are going to want to return? Maybe some, but then that would still mean some of the main characters will get recast. Ah yes, we shouldn't make anymore X-men films for 30 years after the OT cast stops.

But while people talk about new takes on the same stories, I also say I don't need to see the same stories redone over and over again. Back To The Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Godfather, RoboCop, Terminator, Lord Of The Rings, X-Men, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, E.T., Jurassic Park, I mean I can list movies until I'm out of breathe. Do we need to see these all again? They were incredible the first time around, and there's a reason for that. These movies captured levels of magic that won't be replicated. But the argument for reboots says we should just focus on remaking all of these movies because hey, we can have a new take and introduce them to a new audience!

You obviously ignored one of my previous posts where I mention that with a reboot they don't need to redo the events of X1, X2 or X3. They can write all new stories and I believe you mentioned something about new and fresh ideas earlier. Maybe we're misunderstanding each other, but a reboot for a series of films and not one stand alone like Casablanca or E.T. for example aren't the same thing. When you reboot a series of films like X-men or the Terminator franchise, it simply means a new cast is in place. It doesn't mean they are going to copy the original film's plot.

If you want to introduce them to a new audience, then SHOW your E.T. DVD to your kids. Don't remake it and lose the magic of the original. There's a reason why these movies are wonderful, and someone coming in with a "new take" is not going to recapture that.
I believe some classics shouldn't be touched, but it's ridiculous to claim that any new take on past films won't live up to the original, or recapture the magic. Um...maybe for little kids a remake would give them that same feeling we had when we were young and saw the original, in this case, E.T. for example. Once again, it is very possible for a remake to possibly surpass the original, it's stubborn people that want to turn on their blinders to that possibility. It reeks of something similar to the "Michael Bay raped my childhood" comments.

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I've had "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" stuck in my head since writing that. We could start a singalong.

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