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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by 4NutzinYoface View Post
I wanted to get other peoples opinion on this. Now before I begin I just want to say I have an idea of how frustrating it is to be an actor, insofar as alllllll the press junkets and allllllllll the other damn b.s. that comes along with it, from hearing what other successful well known actors seem to say it has its downsides.

You can't judge a person by them being a dick a couple of times, I mean, who KNOWS what happened to them that day right?

But there is something about Shannon that seems like he's of a disinterested, smart alecky dickwad. I just SEEMS that way. I guess he's grown tired of all the fake ass people smoochin' his bum in interviews and whatnot, but I gotta say, if I was in a position to play Zod no matter how many interviews I wound up doing it'd be extremely difficult for anyone to get ANYTHING out of me other than a jaw dropping, drooling **** eating grin from ear to ear and stuttering out any answers to questions I was asked........I MEAN HE'S PLAYING THIS AWESOME CHARACTER IN A SUPERMAN MOVIE!!! He just seems like he doesn't give a flying **** lol

Either way, from the trailer, and pics I have seen of him, he is KILLIN' it as General Zod. I can't wait to see him go toe to toe with the Man of Steel!!!

I've gotten that impression from interviews as well. I've read them in print so who know how it comes off in reality. It could just be that he is just trying to be humble about Hollywood in general and is being dismissive of the importance of acting/celebrity.

However, I can completely understand what you mean. In the past, reading Shannon's interviews made me worry that he would be taking the role too lightly because it is a comic book and would just end up chewing scenery. However, Liam Neeson has seemed similarly dismissive of his work as Ra's Al Ghul and I loved his performance in Begins. Shannon's "I will find him" scream in the trailer is over the top, but I don't know yet whether it is good over the top or bad over the top. Even when treated seriously and with respect, superhero films are heightened reality and a little bit of overacting can give character a great larger than life, cinematic feel.

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