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Default Re: HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Are people still watching? This is easily HBO's best show since The Sopranos.
Show is ridiculously good. Much moreso than I thought it would be.

Jimmy is really evolving into a master gangster. Was he a real life person in the prohibition era?

Everyone could probably see the Al/Jimmy thing coming. I hope its done and over with, because I really like the two of them as friends who have each others back. I would hate to see them become rivals or enemies.

So that thing with Van Pelt at the end, with Margaret's picture. Was he whipping himself for having impure thoughts about her? Or was it something else.

Also, was all that paperwork stuff showing that she isn't who she says she is? I got distracted toward the end and missed a little of it. The gist I got was that she's an imposter??

Jimmy's mom is unbelievably hot. Much moreso than his wife haha.

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