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Default Re: HBO's Boardwalk Empire

This show is getting better and better. The last three episodes have been tremendously entertaining. The writing is top notch and seeing images like Nucky burning down his family's home, Jimmy getting his revenge on the Irish gangsters, meeting the WWI vet without a face, Nucky backhanding Harding's rise to the White House....this hsow has been great.

It looks like it is all out war in Atlantic City now and Rothstein's new crew there is going to be discovered in the water very, very soon. I'm most intrigued how Mrs. Schroeder will react to learning Nucky killed her husband. It's not like she'll go running to Nelson. I bet there will be a big angry confrontation...but she will stay on to become a kind of Lady MacBeth next season. And that is going to be really interesting.

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